Manufactured in the small German village of Salmtal, Unilux boasts an impressive offering of wood clad windows and doors capable of achieving world class thermal performance.

Options are vast; five different wood species, three different exterior profiles and countless glazing options including 2 and 3 pane. They manufacture a fully customizable wood facade system capable of hitting passivhaus thermal performance standards, in addition to a plethora of immense sliding and folding doors. Like with most European brands, their systems lend themselves well to exterior blind systems and automation.

Every Unilux window starts with wood purchased directly from the country of origin adhering to either FSC or PEFC forestry standards. Unilux window profiles are laminated on site, before traveling to Germany. This method helps support local communities and their forestry industry. Wood species Alder, Larch, Scandinavian Pine, Oak and Red Grandis have been specifically chosen after rigorous testing determined them ideal based on hardness, rot resistance, thermal efficiency, fastener retention strength, ability to take a finish, workability and last but not least, beauty.

Unilux products are pre-finished at the factory using an environmentally friendly four-phase water-based process. Different finish offerings, specifically designed for each particular wood species, both protect and enhance the wood's natural character. The result is a finish of exemplary furniture grade quality. All wood profiles are finished pre-assembly, which means all the little nooks and crannies otherwise impossible to finish are protected. Behind the cladding, for example, underneath the glazing. It’s the right way to do things.

Installing pre-finished windows comes with the added advantage of helping protect them during the construction process, and ensures moisture never has an opportunity to infiltrate the wood.

There is little glue, tape or caulking used in manufacturing Unilux windows. The advantage of this type of system is longevity; nothing to discolor, dry up, harden or wither in the sun. The window and doors seal via EPDM gaskets, located in three places. EPDM has a low steam permeability, good thermal resistance and possesses an extremely low brittleness temperature.

Operable windows from Unilux are based on the European tilt/turn style where the sash opens to the interior of the dwelling. The unique hinge system of this type of window makes for an extremely robust product capable to hitting far larger sizes than typical North American outward projecting casement or awning windows. Multipoint locking mechanisms around the entire perimeter of Unilux frames mitigates any air and water infiltration.

Type of Product

  • Wood/Clad - European tilt/turn style
  • Large Fixed Windows
  • 2 and 3 pane glazing
  • Entry Systems w/automation
  • Folding and lift/slide doors
  • SAFE windows and doors