A lot of dealerships do not offer in-house installation services, but Glacier does. Ask any experienced builder about their most common frustration with the window trade and they will tell you manufacturers always blame failures on installers, and vice versa.
Thus, using Glacier for supply and install ensures each customer of single point responsibility. Specialized equipment is often needed to install our products and most General Contractors have little to no experience doing what we do. Our fenestration systems can consist of crated IGUs weighing 750 - 1000 lbs, complicated frame stiffeners, minimal profile thresholds, mortise case locks and liquid applied flashings.
We are licensed and bonded in Oregon, Washington and Hawaii and are graduates of American Architectural Manufacturers Associations Installation Masters Certification Program. Our team has been assembled from a variety of backgrounds including service technicians with major window manufacturers, commercial contractors and business owners. Rarely do we encounter something we have not already seen before.
Over the years, we have installed windows and doors both with and without nailing flanges into wood, steel and concrete. We value continuing education and remain current on the wide variety of techniques and materials available to us including peel and stick, soft pans, soldered metal flashings, expandable foam tapes, rapid block spacers and liquid applied. We have faced every challenge put in front of us including Passive House.
Please notify your salesperson if you would like us to furnish an estimate including installation.
OR CCB#179598
HI CT-30975