German-born engineer Frank Spork founded Centor in 1951. The name comes from ‘Central Queensland’, the region of Brisbane, Australia where Frank initially started the business, and ‘tor’, which is German for door. This melding of words is reflective of Centor’s Australian roots, yet also their reverence for German design.

Centor maintains their international headquarters in Brisbane to this day, and over the previous 66 years has spread across Australia, as well as added regional headquarters in Chicago (USA), Birmingham (UK) and branches in Florida, Nantes (France) and China. Currently the company employs around 160 people worldwide.

1998 was a significant year in the history of Centor as it marks the date Frank’s grandson Nigel Spork took over company directorship. Under Nigel’s leadership Centor soon became the single most important name in folding door hardware. Precision bearings, high-quality stainless steel componentry and intelligent design took Centor to the top of the market. Many of the very best window and door manufacturers in the world including Loewen, Marvin, La Cantina and Sierra Pacific built their folding door systems with Centor’s E3 hardware.

The company is ‘moved by innovation’. With one of the largest research and development teams of any company in the fenestration industry, Centor aims to be at the leading edge of technology and design. The results show as they continue to churn out one new market-leading product after another. First it was their clever, fully concealed Twin Point flush bolt release system for folding doors. A couple of years after that it was their industry changing side-to-side retracting screen and blind system (S1) for large format door systems.

Today, Centor has taken everything they have learned over the years and poured it into full-blown in-house designed and manufactured systems. Centor Integrated Doors offer a total clean sheet revamp of their entire E series folding door hardware. They are a one of a kind product not to be confused with other manufacturer’s folding doors that utilize Centor hardware or Centor retracting screens.

Centor Integrated doors and windows offer the cleanest, slickest hardware in the industry. Hinges are concealed and glass-to-frame site lines are consistent and minimal. Their revamped flush bolts are ingenious, yet incredibly simple. Combined with the same retracting screens and shades offered with their S1 product, but now in an even tighter package, Centor Integrated Doors need to be viewed in person to understand just how different they are from the rest of the competition.

Type of Product

  • Folding door hardware
  • Large format retracting screens and shades
  • Integrated folding doors and windows
  • Sliding doors with screens and shades