Pietro Brombal began his life journey working with steel in 1959. Following years of learning the material and honing his craft, he struck out on his own and opened a small fabrication shop in 1975 specializing in custom windows and doors.

Tradition and family are extremely important to the Brombal's, so of course Pietro's sons grew up in the business. Today, Pierpaolo heads the sales department, while Leonardo manages production.

Brombal bridges the gap between old world craftsmanship and new world high technology. They were one of the very first steel fabricators to realize thermally broken steel was the future and have since perfected the technique. All modern Brombal windows are crafted from the Secco Sistemi cold-rolled steel profile, a product with no peer in the industry.

Steel represents the pinnacle of fenestration. The ability to create incredibly large units with miniscule site lines is unmatched with lesser materials. Furthermore, steel is timeless, often times lasting 300 or more years. Legacy projects rely upon steel to galvanize their place in history.

With Brombal, architects and designers have virtually unlimited options. Their product is crafted from 4 base metals:

Galvanized steel: Ideally suited to paint or powder coated finishes (what most manufacturers offer)

Stainless steel: Perfect for coastal environments

Corten: Will develop rusty patina over time. Available "raw" or pre-oxidized

Bronze: Technically brass, which is comprised of 66% copper and 33% zinc. Will undoubtedly patina over time.

Brombal crafts their fenestration systems from 4 different profiles. The OS2 and OS75 for windows and EBE65 & 85 for sliding doors. Each of these profiles are available either inside or outside glazed, and with numerous different glazing bead shapes.

A lot of companies have tried and failed to build steel windows over the years, it is a difficult and unforgiving material to work with. With Brombal you have a company that has stood the test of time who continues to grow and learn with every new project. Their ability to problem solve, develop custom solutions and work hand in hand with architects, builders and clients is second to none.

Type of Product

  • Numerous window and door profiles
  • Unlimited varieties of operable windows
  • Folding and lift slide doors
  • Gizmos
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